The "Drift" series explores the impact of global warming upon the arctic environment and the upshots suffered by the animals of this area, considering – first and foremost – the case of the polar bear, regarded as a guerdon of the whole biotope, through its status of alpha predator. The excessive melting of ice afflicts its process of nutrition, since the icepacks represents its hunting ground. The more the ice melts, the larger the distances the polar bear needs to swim, thus consuming more energy and having lesser chances of catching prey. I devised two instances to reflect this stiuation: A – in which the bear is divided in two in its journey among the drift ice, suggesting the fracture that appears in its existence and the additional effort it is forced to make; B – in which it is already noticed the absence of the bear, in a bleak future in which it would have disappeared, due to the accelerated pressure to which it is exposed, leaving behind only a ghostly presence on the water reflection.


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