Truck with Oxen

The “Truck with Oxen” works constitute a series that refers to transport, transit, transience, to the perishable state of things and of their ever changing nature, to the ongoing transformation in which we find ourselves.

The vehicle is the central elements, because it perfectly describes the idea of passing through space and time. Also, through its form and function, it helps me bounce between artificial and natural (an important theme of mine), between man-made objects and living organisms.

On the trucks’ trailers, I rendered artworks by Nicolae Grigorescu, the most important personality of the XIXth century Romanian painting. “Cart with Oxen” is one of the most well-known themes of his, motif that actually makes its first appearance in art as far as in the bronze age and which can be found especially during the XIXth century. In this way, I refer to the transformation mentioned above, in two senses: firstly, the evolution of painting in the area I live; secondly, the paradigm shift in what transport is concerned, the transition from animal traction to motorization.

"By harnessing the ox man began to control and use a motive power other than that furnished by his own muscular energy. The ox was the first step to the steam engine and gasoline motor." (Gordon Childe) 


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